Here are ways you can help the Smile Rescue Fund for Kids

The Smile Rescue Fund volunteers with Dunia at Stony Brook Children's Hospital.

Photo credit: The Smile Rescue Fund.

Become an Ambassador:

A Smile Rescue Fund Ambassador is a fundraising coordinator for the charity. To receive advice from the charity on ideas for raising money, email 













Through PayPal, you can offer a tax-deductible contribution via credit card. There are no administrative fees. All contributions will pay for medical expenses and traveling fees for the child and one parent or caregiver. To donate, please visit the Smile Rescue Fund's website here.


Write a Check:

Mail a tax-deductible donation by check or money order to:

Smile Rescue Fund for Kids
Box 766
Setauket, New York 11733



If you would like to volunteer to help the charity, please contact:

Dr. Leon Klempner
+1 631-974-7511


Share the story:

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